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When professionals are looking for the next opportunity there is more to consider then matching job descriptions to qualifications, it’s imperative to identify why they are considering a change in their career.

Whether it’s having a big impact with an up and coming company or a desire to join a large team to effect an entire industry, finding the right fit for both the company and candidate is the difference between a job and a career. 

SSR is committed to finding the right opportunities for our candidates, not just blindly submitting job requisition to meet high volume quotas. SSR is a network of professionals and relies on the success of each member to create the best opportunities for all.

Feel free to connect with us with just your contact information or review our SSG contractor positions and direct hire opportunities.

Independent contractor or direct hire?

If you considering consulting as you next step in your career, the Scullion Strategy Group has been an easy transition for many into the consulting life. Your time is your own to manage and you choose your virtual location to provide your services.  

As a consultant with SSG, you will work with a select group of like-minded team members, using the collective knowledge of the team to assist clients to bring their product to market. 

Our team is composed of 35+ professionals and who have diverse and complementary areas of expertise.  With these professionals, we build custom teams of experts for each client depending on where they are in their product development timeline and what guidance they need. 

We value integrity, collaboration, and leadership, and many of our consultants lead sub-teams.  

If you're not sure about independent contracting, let us know and we would be glad to answer all your questions. 

SSRHire will also have direct hire positions for candidates. These will more traditional full-time permanent positions with our clients. 

Direct Employment Positions

The Scullion Strategy Group will often be asked to recruit seasoned executive leaders for direct full-time positions. These opportunities include competitive compensation packages and benefits.


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